• 支援活動のための基本的な知識と災害時のケア

    このマニュアルは、以下の3つの部分で構成されています。: 1 - 被災者を支援する際に用いる基本的なスキル。 2 - 被災者の強みを生かした支援モデル。 この支援モデルの原則を他の2つの部分にも適用します。 3 - PCAIDによる支援。支援の手順について説明します。
  • Basic Helping and Disaster Care (English)

    . This tutorial on Basic Helping and Disaster Care is organized into three sections: First - the Basic Skills used in helping. Second - the model of Strengths-based Helping. This model is the overarching principle that informs the following two parts. Third - the process of PCAID. This is the process used in helping and defines the steps. This tutorial describes these three components and how they work together to create effective disaster care
  • FEMA Earthquake Safety Checklist

    Are you prepared for the next earthquake? Use this guide published by FEMA to get your home and your family ready.
  • Food test

    Food test